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The outlet

The outlet is a the key-factor to success, a real window of the quality and originality of the products. That is why Paris Bakery is offering you its experience in the conception of shops. The outfitting, the choice of equipment, the size, the design and the marketing are fields in which you must hit the mark to maximise the turnover and the profit margins.
Our know-how will be a gain in time for you in the launching of your projects and will bring you efficient solutions as to the setting up of performing and profitable outlets, from the smallest corner to the most luxurious tea-room. You will also take advantage of our competence and experience in the development and organisation of franchisible chain-stores with a strong image that will secure your investments.
To do that we can offer several solutions:
  - The creation, with the local team, of made-to-measure shops, which correspond to your wishes and those of the market.
  - “Paris Bakery” franchises for which we adapt our concepts to your market and wishes.