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Project of a country

Set up a project of development in a country means managing together a group of complex parameters.
In this context, Paris Bakery enables you to take advantage of its experience to avoid possible errors capable of causing important financial losses and leading to failure.
Our work is to take into account all the aspects of your project, be it the development of a chain of shops, the installation of a structure of distribution or the combination of both.
Whatever the form our partnership may be, we will be able to advise you on the logistics, the equipment and the strategy and organisation to be set up. From our experience, it’s the combination of our know-how and knowledge of the market that will give the best results.
Are you an investor looking for profitable and long-term projects in order to exploit your contacts and your means?
We will be able to help you on the basis of a clear and solid partnership between our companies. We will bring you a long-term vision capable of going up to the transfer of technology for the creation of production line.